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How do I talk to my child about spiritual things without it feeling forced?

“Daddy, worshipping Jesus makes my heart happy,” she whispered into my ear. “Do you know why that is?” I asked. Looking at her perfect little face, eyes wide and curious, curls cascading alongside her cheeks, I continued, “It makes your heart happy because God designed you and made you to worship him. Do you know how a hammer is made for putting nails into wood? ...

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How does my worldview shape how I parent?

The last few weeks, we have been analyzing worldviews. We have defined a worldview as your set of assumptions which impact the way that you view the very essential questions of life. What is real, is there a God, what are humans, how do we determine right and wrong, what happens when I die, and more. Think of a worldview as the glasses that you put on which determine the w...

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Don't Miss These Moments

The morning was like any other Wednesday morning. Around 8:15, I began the preschool peptalk, letting Emma know that we would be leaving in 30 minutes. This way she is prepared when I tell her that we need to go to the bathroom, brush our teeth, wet and scrunch her hair, get dressed, try to go to the bathroom again, put on her shoes, and so on and so forth. Amazingly enoug...

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