Start Discovering God Today!

Reading the Bible doesn’t have to be intimidating. God has revealed himself through the Scriptures so that all people can discover who he is. If you are new to the Bible, returning to the Bible, or just want to try a fresh approach as you engage with the scriptures, the Discovery Method outlined below can be a beneficial resource to add to your toolbox.

  • PRAY: Ask God to reveal himself to you as you read, think about, and obey the Bible.
  • READ: Spend some time reading the day’s passage. Underline, circle, or write notes in the columns. Anything to help you focus!
  • PARAPHRASE: In a notebook or journal, retell the passage as if a friend asked you, “What did you just read?” Try not to answer the question, “What does this mean?” just yet. First, simply paraphrase what you read. This helps you to retain the passage.

Discover what God is saying

Answer the question, “What does this passage tell me about God?”
Think about questions like: What did I learn about his character? What did I learn about things he likes or doesn’t like?

Answer the question, “What does this passage tell me about mankind?”
Think about questions like: What are our tendencies? What are our characteristics? What are we like when we are not following God vs. following God?

Discover what God wants you to do

Answer the question, “If this passage is true, what will I do in response to it?”
Think about questions like: How should I think of God differently? Does God want me to do something specific? Think in terms of “I will” statements that you will do in the next 24 to 72 hours.

Answer the question,“If this passage is true, with whom will I share this passage?”
Share this story (the story, not your conclusions) with your spouse, your kids, your co-workers. Ask them what they think of the story. Who knows what God will do from there!

  • HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE: Tomorrow, go back through and read today’s entry. Did you follow through on what you said you would do?
  • READY? Discover God with the simple reading plan listed below!

Discover God

Using the method described above, begin working your way through the following list of passages. These passages are strategically chosen to give you an overview of the story of the Bible and reveal God’s character. Try to read one passage a day, but make sure to spend adequate time journaling and processing through the questions. Make the time!

  1. Genesis 1:1-27
  2. Genesis 2:4-24
  3. Genesis 3:1-13
  4. Genesis 3:14-24
  5. Genesis 6:5-8
  6. Genesis 6:9-8:14
  7. Genesis 8:15-9:17
  8. Genesis 12:1-8; 15:1-6; 17:1-7 (consider three separate times)
  9. Genesis 22:1-19
  10. Exodus 12:1-28
  11. Exodus 20:1-21
  12. Leviticus 4:1-35
  13. Isaiah 53:1-12
  14. Luke 1:26-38; 2:1-20
  15. John 1:29-34
  16. Matthew 4:1-11
  17. John 3:1-21
  18. John 4:1-26; 39-42
  19. Luke 5:17-26
  20. Mark 4:35-41
  21. Mark 5:1-20
  22. John 11:1-44
  23. Matthew 26:17-30
  24. John 18:1-19:16
  25. Luke 23:32-56
  26. Luke 24:1-35
  27. Matthew 28:16-20

Now what? Keep going!

After you have finished the above reading plan, consider reading through Luke and then through Acts. Take your time and read one passage at a time, being sure to work through the discovery questions.