revolveKIDS is designed to be a safe, fun environment where your children can learn about the love of Jesus Christ.

Please arrive 15 minutes early so that you have time to check your kids into our secure facility.


We keep track of exactly who is in our care with our computerized check-in system. Each child receives a nametag with a corresponding sticker for the parent to present at check-out. The children's building is locked fifteen minutes after the service begins.


Our cleverly decorated, beach-themed classrooms and dynamic teachers are sure to keep your child engaged as they learn about the greatest love story ever told.


Why is safety and fun so important? Because we want your kids to have no distractions as they learn the rock solid truth that Jesus loves them and wants to be in a relationship with them! Using a fantastic curriculum by Life.Church, we strive to give your children a Gospel-centered education with the Bible App for Kids Curriculum for preschoolers and Konnect for younger elementary students. After all, they may be young, but they are still called to be disciples of Jesus Christ!

In addition, we use the New City Catechism.

Where will my child be?

Nursery: Our nursery attendants provide a safe environment with loving care for babies up to 18 months old by playing with, holding, comforting, feeding, changing, and praying over each child. Our staff will also complete a prayer card detailing your child’s time in our nursery.

Waddlers: A space for walking children up to 23 months will be opening September 3rd!

Toddlers: Your 2 & 3 year old toddler will have a great time playing with friends while learning about God in the BOOGIE BOARD ROOM! Using age appropriate curriculum from the Bible App for Kids, we engage toddlers in worship songs, stories, and activities that all work together to build a foundation of biblical truths.

PreK: Preschoolers and Kindergarteners have their very own space in the SKATE ROOM as they learn to love the Bible through worship songs, storytelling, activities, and more as part of an age-appropriate lesson using the Bible App for Kids curriculum.

Elementary: 1st-4th graders will have a great time in the BOARD ROOM as they learn to connect the Bible to real-life issues they are going through using Konnect HQ curriculum and the YouVersion Bible App.

Students: 5th-12th graders will join the adults for worship and a message. Our new Director of Student and Family Ministries, Christian Vance, is pioneering our student ministry program and launching Student Discipleship Groups in October 2017.


At revolveKIDS, we begin teaching your children about the power of music and how it can help us to learn about and connect with God as we worship him through song. Beginning with our toddlers, the children are actively engaged in singing and celebrating God.

For a complete list of the songs that we sing, please check out this link.

Living "On Mission" Together

Here are a few of the ways our kids are involved in disciple-making in Cape May County and around the world.

Compassion International: As part of our goal to teach the Gospel, revolveKIDS is dedicated to equipping our children for global missions, so we have chosen to sponsor Samudra Tambaru, a little boy living in Indonesia, through Compassion International.

Operation Christmas Child: Every fall revolveKIDS partners with Samaritan’s Purse for Operation Christmas Child by encouraging and equipping our children to send a small shoe box filled with small gifts and most importantly - the Gospel!

Community Clean-up for Christ: As people made in God’s image, we were created to care for His world.