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What is the significance of God giving mankind dominion over the earth?

One reader wrote in, "My niece recently came home from her first year of college. At our annual family celebration of Memorial Day in Cape May she did not eat any hamburgers or hot dogs, but instead brought veggie burgers. We got into a discussion about her new lifestyle. I was saying that it could not be wrong for us to eat meat because God gave us dominion over the earth...

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Is Reiki (energy healing) against God?

One reader asked, "Is Reiki (energy healing) against God and the teachings of the Bible?" True confession, I definitely had to look reiki up on google to even understand the question, and it took some research on my part to get a feeling for exactly what the teaching is and the philosophy behind the practice. First off, what is reiki? Here is an abbreviated explanation d...

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Do souls pre-exist?

One reader asked, "Do souls come to earth to learn lessons?" The reader is referring to a concept called pre-existence, which is a commonly held belief in New Age Spirituality and all of its various segments. It is also a core part of Islam and Mormonism. The idea of pre-existence, that each individual human soul existed before mortal conception, and at some point before b...

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How can an all-knowing God experience regret?

One reader asked the question, "How can God both know everything and still experience regret?" The reader who submitted this question is referring to a few circumstances in scripture where God regrets an action that he committed and how this emotion seems to be, on the surface, in direct contrast to the sovereignty of God and the all-knowing, omniscient nature of God. Th...

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Revolve Church is at a Crossroads

Revolve Church is at a crossroads (you should meet us there so we won't get lonely). As we are thinking through a myriad of different decisions, I would ask you guys to pray for us, share about us, and even offer suggestions that are relevant. So, what's going on?1) We pay a ton of money to rent where we are and it isn't an ideal location. Best case scenario, we really n...

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