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How do you rest in Jesus?

Any gardener knows that if you want your tree (or in this case vine) to bear really healthy fruit, you need to trim it. If you just let the plant go wild, growing all over the place, it will get tall and bushy, but there won’t be healthy energy going to the branches to produce good fruit. In a sense, the plant is overwhelmed, spread thin, and ineffective. Why? Because it...

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Is Jesus coming back soon?

What shall we expect and how will we know when Jesus will return? How will we recognize him?...

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What’s so special about Easter?

Jesus’ life and death meant a whole lot more. After all, he wasn’t just a prophet or even just a man. Jesus is the GodMan - 100% God, 100% Man, 100% melt your brain if you think about it too hard. God didn’t want to just cancel the debt of sin, he wanted to do something even more miraculous - he wanted to crush death and conquer it once and for all. When Jesus rose f...

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Is the New Testament Historically Reliable?

How we can know that the New Testament is historically reliable and not just some made up document? We are not invited to ignorant faith, but to a faith that can stand against scrutiny....

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Who is Jesus?

In Matthew 16:13, Jesus asked his followers, "Who do people say that I am?" After receiving their responses, which varied from reincarnated religious figures to the next great prophet, Jesus asked them directly, "Who do you say that I am?" The question still stands before us today: Who is Jesus? We know that Jesus really existed. The vast majority of scholars - secular a...

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Does the Bible claim that Jesus is God?

I recently received a lengthy letter in the mail from a Jehovah's Witness. The person was very kind and loving, but wanted to push back against some of the things that I have been saying. The biggest disagreement between evangelical, born-again, orthodox Christianity and the beliefs of a Jehovah's Witness surrounds the deity of Jesus. I think Jesus is God, part of the trin...

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Is it biblical to pray to saints?

I received a commonly asked question recently, "Is it biblical to pray to saints, loved ones who have passed away, or anyone besides God?" I realize that this has the potential to be a volatile question. For one, the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church is not that anyone should pray to Mary, a saint, or anyone else, but that you can ask Mary, a saint, or someon...

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