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Why we need reconciliation to be unified

Our nation is divided across various segments politically, racially, economically, sexually, and more. Over the next few weeks, I want to try and provide a biblical framework for what is going on in our nation and try to shed some light on how these issues are primarily spiritual issues. Yes, we need secular solutions such as roundtable discussions, education, empowerment,...

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Why are we so divided?

Divisions - be they race, politics, economics, education or whatever - are complex and layered, but they are also simple, aren’t they? At the end of the day, what causes the divisions among us is that we want something (be it something physical, like food, or something more nebulous, like respect - neither of which are bad desires) and we don’t get it. We want it, but ...

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What would you do differently if you knew when you were going to die?

What would you do differently if you knew when you were going to die? What about me? What would I change tomorrow if I knew I only had 15 years left? Well, I’ve been chewing on this question for two weeks, and here are some of my thoughts....

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I didn’t tell my friend about Jesus. Will God forgive me?

This past week, I received a question from someone with a heavy heart. During the years of his life, he has, at times, walked with God and at other times walked away from God. During a period of his life when he was preoccupied with other things, he had a friend who was suffering and on a self-destructive path. Being engrossed in life, he didn’t do all that he could do t...

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Are There Two Judgments?

Are there two judgments after death? The Bible talks about two different judgments after one dies. In scripture these are seen as the judgment seat of Christ and the Great White Throne Judgment. Here are some core essentials…...

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