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“How do you point someone to a God who wants to be king of every area of your life?”

Last week we discussed how to share about Jesus with gay friends. If you did not get a chance to read the column, I suggest you consider doing so since this is a follow up. The short answer to last week's question was that all people need to be rescued by God, not just some people, so you should treat a person who is gay the same way you should treat anyone else. The reali...

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Sharing about Jesus with Gay Friends

Today we deal with a potentially volatile question, but one that I hope we can answer with sensitivity and maturity. This week, I want to set a foundation and next week I want to follow up. "I am a follower of Jesus and I am writing you to figure out how would be the best way to minister to family, friends and co-workers who are homosexual. These wonderful people in my li...

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How do you bring up difficult in-law issues to your spouse without hurting their feelings?

In a follow up to last week's column on how to love your family well and still create healthy boundaries during the holidays, a reader wrote, "How do you bring up difficult in-law issues to your spouse without hurting their feelings?" My response will build on what I wrote last week, so if you have yet to read that column, please consider looking it up on the Herald's webs...

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How do you love difficult family members during the holidays?

Holidays can be very challenging. As comedian Jim Gaffigan jokes, since we eat a ton of food every day, Thanksgiving is only differentiated by eating a ton of food with people you can't stand. Hopefully that's not your situation, but I was not surprised to receive this question last week: How do you love difficult family members well during the holidays, while also setting...

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