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Can a true Christian lose their salvation?

This week's column builds off of last week's question: "What is a Christian?" If you have not read that column, I would strongly encourage you to go here and do so as these are cumulative topics, building on one another. In light of last week's article, I have added the word true to the question: "Can a TRUE Christian lose their salvation?" When people ask me this questio...

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What is a Christian?

One reader asked, "Can a Christian lose their salvation?" If you have been exposed to the teachings of Christianity for any length of time, you might have learned that this question is divisive with different denominations landing on varying responses. As such, I know that not every pastor or Christian will agree with my response. That's okay - it's my column. :) In orde...

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What will we be like in the afterlife?

One reader asked, "What does the Bible teach about what we will be like in the afterlife?" We read this story in the gospel of Matthew as well as the gospel of Mark: The same day Sadducees came to him, who say that there is no resurrection, and they asked him a question, saying,'"Teacher, Moses said, 'If a man dies having no children, his brother must marry the widow and ...

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Prayer Requests for Refugee Highway Partnership Roundtable Trip

Monday, February 6th starts the Refugee Highway Partnership Roundtable in Budapest. Over 160 grassroots workers, mission leaders, pastors, trauma care specialists, and digital media workers from all over Europe are gathering there. The gathering will include people from over 28 countries and 60 organizationsthe goal is to encourage, equip, and connect those who are working...

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Why won’t God acknowledge our prayers?

One reader wrote, "I just lost my wife of 62 years and 134 days, and I'm devastated. I prayed and prayed for my wife, and the more I prayed the worse she got until she succumbed. My question is, Why doesn't God acknowledge our prayers? Not answer them - just acknowledge them." First, please let me begin by simply expressing my condolences. 62 plus years is a lifetime, and...

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