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Should a Protestant Convert to Catholicism?

One reader wrote, "What would you say to a Protestant who is thinking about become a Catholic?" I have known two people in my tenure who have converted, so to speak, from Protestant to Roman Catholic, and both did so because they wanted a more formal church experience with a more traditional structure. That being said, the difference between Protestants and Catholics is n...

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Is There an Afterlife?

Tom wrote, "How can we be sure there is an afterlife other than from biblical references?" Tom, thanks for the great question. I will do my best to respond to this with a thoughtful answer, but I want to undergird the reality that every worldview requires faith. Even atheism, which definitively states that there is absolutely no god, requires faith. Atheism assumes that, ...

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How do I draw closer to God when...

A reader from Lower writes, "My mother has pushed God on my brothers and I in an unhealthy way our entire lives. How do I suppress my resentment towards having religion and God pushed on me in a negative way yet still grow in my faith without doubting it from time to time? What's the best way to recapture my faith and know that God is with me?" In the last few years of pa...

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How do I honor a toxic parent?

Michelle from Middle writes, "I know that the Bible says that I am supposed to honor my mother and father, but how do I do this if one of my parents is toxic, emotionally unavailable and distant?" Before I begin and respond to this question, I want to make something clear. Honoring your parents is not synonymous with obeying your parents. Exodus 20:12 commands us to honor...

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