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Is your worldview cohesive?

Last week, we introduced the concept of a worldview, our set of assumptions about the way that the world works. In my previous article, I suggested that the way in which you view the world can be broken down into about seven questions, and from these seven questions you wrestle through the big questions of life. These questions build, with each previous answer demanding a ...

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What is a worldview and why does it matter?

This week, I wanted to introduce the concept, discuss what it is, and introduce why it matters. In the following weeks, I want to explore the core questions related to a worldview in more detail and try and prompt my readers to begin processing through his or her own worldview. So, what is a worldview? Author James Sire describes a worldview as, "a commitment, a fundament...

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Why did I delete my Facebook account?

I deleted my facebook account. Taking the plunge to delete my account - hopefully for good - was challenging. First of all, facebook makes it difficult! I had to google how to delete my account in order to actually determine what needed to be done. Once you find the deletion page, facebook tries to guilt trip you into staying by pointing out how you will be missing out on...

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Were Neanderthals human?

One reader wrote in, "My niece recently came home from her first year of college. At our annual family celebration of Memorial Day in Cape May she did not eat any hamburgers or hot dogs, but instead brought veggie burgers. We got into a discussion about her new lifestyle. I was saying that it could not be wrong for us to eat meat because God gave us dominion over the earth...

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