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What’s so special about Easter?

Jesus’ life and death meant a whole lot more. After all, he wasn’t just a prophet or even just a man. Jesus is the GodMan - 100% God, 100% Man, 100% melt your brain if you think about it too hard. God didn’t want to just cancel the debt of sin, he wanted to do something even more miraculous - he wanted to crush death and conquer it once and for all. When Jesus rose f...

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Question about your prayer article from two weeks ago

In today's article, Pastor Bill responds to a reader's question about the article on prayer from two weeks ago titled "HOW DO I PRAY?"...

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Is the New Testament Historically Reliable?

How we can know that the New Testament is historically reliable and not just some made up document? We are not invited to ignorant faith, but to a faith that can stand against scrutiny....

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How do I talk to my child about spiritual things without it feeling forced?

“Daddy, worshipping Jesus makes my heart happy,” she whispered into my ear. “Do you know why that is?” I asked. Looking at her perfect little face, eyes wide and curious, curls cascading alongside her cheeks, I continued, “It makes your heart happy because God designed you and made you to worship him. Do you know how a hammer is made for putting nails into wood? ...

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