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Why won’t God acknowledge our prayers?

One reader wrote, "I just lost my wife of 62 years and 134 days, and I'm devastated. I prayed and prayed for my wife, and the more I prayed the worse she got until she succumbed. My question is, Why doesn't God acknowledge our prayers? Not answer them - just acknowledge them." First, please let me begin by simply expressing my condolences. 62 plus years is a lifetime, and...

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What can we learn from the 2016 Presidential election?

By the time this is published, we theoretically should know who our next president will be. Your candidate won, your candidate lost, you didn't vote, you wrote in Chuck Norris - regardless, as a nation we have a great deal to learn from the last 12 months. Never before has there been an election so filled with cringe-worthy rhetoric from almost every angle. How did we get ...

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