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Love your “enemies”

Christ Jesus died for sinners, enemies, and that includes you and me. ...

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Why we need reconciliation to be unified

Our nation is divided across various segments politically, racially, economically, sexually, and more. Over the next few weeks, I want to try and provide a biblical framework for what is going on in our nation and try to shed some light on how these issues are primarily spiritual issues. Yes, we need secular solutions such as roundtable discussions, education, empowerment,...

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Health for Your Marriage: Be a Servant Lover

When it comes to sexual intercourse, most of the world is telling you that it is all about you. It’s about your pleasure, your satisfaction, your excitement, your fantasies and so on and so forth. Either blatantly or surreptitiously, the message of selfishness in sex is rampant. This type of selfish perspective towards sexual intercourse has dramatically impacted the way...

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Health for Your Marriage: Love and Respect

We are in the middle of a multi week series answering the question: “How can I find health in my marriage.” Last week we talked about creating margin in your life so that you actually can enjoy your spouse rather than simply run past your spouse while slapping five (or snapping at them). Today’s pointer: Learn to love and respect. In his book Love and Respect, Dr....

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How do I best serve my introverted spouse?

"I tend to be more outgoing. I love being around people and would gladly be out of the house four or five nights of week just hanging out and being involved in things. My wife, on the other hand, tends to be shy and really likes her time at home. I want to encourage her and walk alongside her in a way that loves her well and honors Jesus, but sometimes it can be difficult ...

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What if I don’t love God?

One reader wrote in: "Dear Pastor Bill. I don't love God! Is this blasphemy? I go to church every week, I pray, I believe, but I do not feel the emotion of love. I love my wife and family, but I can't feel this way towards someone I've never met or had any experience with. Am I the only one who feels this way? Does God understand my feelings? Am I unfit for a happy afterli...

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What does the Bible say about all this anger and division?

One reader asked me, "I feel really frustrated with all the hatred and division that we are seeing across political party lines. I've lost patience with people who have no tolerance of anyone who disagrees with their opinions and now it is making me an angry person whenever I read the news. Do you have any advice on how to deal with all of this, besides burying my head in ...

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How do you bring up difficult in-law issues to your spouse without hurting their feelings?

In a follow up to last week's column on how to love your family well and still create healthy boundaries during the holidays, a reader wrote, "How do you bring up difficult in-law issues to your spouse without hurting their feelings?" My response will build on what I wrote last week, so if you have yet to read that column, please consider looking it up on the Herald's webs...

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How do you love difficult family members during the holidays?

Holidays can be very challenging. As comedian Jim Gaffigan jokes, since we eat a ton of food every day, Thanksgiving is only differentiated by eating a ton of food with people you can't stand. Hopefully that's not your situation, but I was not surprised to receive this question last week: How do you love difficult family members well during the holidays, while also setting...

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How do I honor a toxic parent?

Michelle from Middle writes, "I know that the Bible says that I am supposed to honor my mother and father, but how do I do this if one of my parents is toxic, emotionally unavailable and distant?" Before I begin and respond to this question, I want to make something clear. Honoring your parents is not synonymous with obeying your parents. Exodus 20:12 commands us to honor...

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