2 Peter 3 (Living in Light of Christ's Return; Part 1)

November 20, 2022 Speaker: Steve Tecco Series: 1 & 2 Peter: Unshakeable Hope

Passage: 2 Peter 3:1–10

Peter begins this final chapter of his second letter by rehearsing the arguments of the false teachers.  He then counters their arguments and reveals their flawed thinking.  The return of Jesus and future judgment is a certainty. Peter then challenges his readers concerning how to live in readiness in light of Christ’s return.
Questions for Discussion:

1. Peter reminds his readers to think with a sincere mind in 2 Peter 3:1.  According to verse 2, what is the basis of clear thinking?
2. What was the mocking ridicule of the false teachers according to verse 4?
3. Another argument of the false teachers against Christ’s return was the apparent delay.  What is God’s gracious purpose for delaying his return according to verse 9?
4. How is the return of Christ introducing the day of the Lord described in verse 10?  

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