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2 Peter 3 (Living In Light Of Christ's Return; Part 2)

November 27, 2022 Speaker: Steve Tecco Series: 1 & 2 Peter: Unshakeable Hope

Passage: 2 Peter 3:11–18

In light of the promise of Christ’s return and the future day of judgment, Peter now declares how followers of Christ are to live, that is, lives of holiness and godliness!  In this portion of scripture, Peter presents four commands encouraging us on how to live this kind of life!
Questions for Discussion:
1. According to verses 9 and 15, what is the purpose of God delaying His judgment?
2.  In light of the certainty of future judgment, list five individuals in your sphere of influence that need to hear the good news of the Gospel?  Ask God to open up conversations and give you opportunities to share.
3. Peter encourages us to be diligent or to make every effort to be found by him without spot or blemish. Take some time and do a self evaluation. Examine your life honestly and evaluate your level of diligence and effort in growing in holy character and conduct. 
4. Peter’s final command is to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus, verse 18. What is your plan to accomplish this growth?

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