Read, Read, Read

"Visit many good books, but live in the Bible” – Charles Spurgeon

A passion of Revolve is that we want to be people of the Book. We NEED the Bible. It is our spiritual food—likened or compared with bread and milk. It is our guide—a lamp for our feet and a light for our path (Ps 119:105). It is our highest and final authority for “…the rule of faith and life” (1689 1.2).
We NEED to know the Bible then since, as Christians, all of our beliefs need to be ruled/guided by biblical wisdom. With the New Year soon upon us, it is often a time when we reevaluate priorities and set goals our reading of the Scriptures being included. Broadly, there are two approaches to reading through the Bible: familiarity or intimacy. Familiarity is reading larger sections of the Bible and a “quicker” pace; Intimacy is reading smaller sections and “slowing” down to think and reflect about the passages read. Each approach is profitable and good.

  • PROPOSAL: Whatever approach you normally lean towards (familiarity or intimacy) commit to the opposite approach for 2022. For myself, that means switching to a plan that focuses on the intimacy approach.
    If you’re in need of recommendations don’t hesitate to reach out!

Continuing with our focus on reading, only after your commitment to immersing yourself in the Bible whether for familiarity or intimacy, is an encouragement to dive into theological reading. Now don’t let “theological” intimidate you. It is simply a fancy way of saying that you are reading about a topic with/from a God-centered perspective. That could be any topic from being a student, to motherhood, to government or to studying about God himself. Again, this is assuming a consistent habit of being in the Bible. Looking back at our Spurgeon quote the challenge is to “live in the Bible” while only to “visit many good books''. The inspired Scriptures must always take priority. However, if we’re honest, much of our time can be consumed by lesser things and entertainment. So, often a lack of theological reading is not from a lack of time, but from lack of discipline.

  • PROPOSAL: Set a goal to visit a theological book (or books) for 2022. This can be done individually or with a group. A few recommendations are:
    ● the 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689) – an incredibly rich summary of the Christian faith from a Baptist perspective. A modern English version can be found at Founders Ministries. A pocket sized version can be found at Banner of Truth publishing. Also, can be found free online at
    ● “None Greater” or “Simply Trinity” by Matthew Barrett – great books that summarize Classical Theism which is what the majority of the church has believed about God
    ● Commit to at least one of the Elder-led book clubs