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2 Timothy 3: 14-17

July 16, 2023 Speaker: Steve Tecco Series: 2 Timothy

Passage: 2 Timothy 3:14–17

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God Breathed And Profitable 

In contrast to those who are deceived and deceiving who ”go on” from the foundation of God’s word (3:13), Paul urges Timothy to remain steadfast in God’s word.  He then presents six reasons to be faithful to the foundation of the word of God from verses 14-17.   Highlighting this section is the critical description of God’s word as “breathed out from God,” verse 16, and profitable to equip us for every good work, verse17.

Questions for deeper study:

1.  What is the danger of departing from God’s Word in an effort to move on to “higher” things?
2.  What is the significance of Paul highlighting to Timothy the importance of a credible teaching as a source of authority?  How does that relate as we search the internet for Bible teaching as compared to our church leaders?
3.  How is biblical inspiration distinguished from the way we may speak of an “inspired performance?”
4.  Discuss reasons why the Bible is a unique, in fact, a miraculous book?
5.  Bible classes are not designed to just give you more Bible knowledge. What should be the end product of the Bible according to verse 17?

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