Introduction to Leviticus

November 14, 2021 Speaker: Pastor Bill Series: Leviticus

Leviticus is part of a much larger story, especially the one told in Exodus. You could tell that story like this: In Exodus the Lord delivers his people from slavery with mighty signs and wonders (1-15) and brings them to Sinai (16-19), telling them there that they are to be his “kingdom of priests and holy nation.” He confirms their kingdom status by entering into a covenant with them as their king and giving them kingdom laws to follow (20-24). But that is not all! He is going to be a king who is near to them, dwelling in their very midst, and this is why he proceeds to give them directions for his tabernacle, his earthly palace (25-31, 35-40). And all of this leads to a very burning question if you’re an Israelite: How in the world can the holy and pure king of the universe dwell among his sinful and impure people? How can he live here—in our very midst—without his holiness melting us in our sin and impurity?!


Table Talk:

1. What is the main theme behind Leviticus?
2. What are some things you are looking forward to learning as we study this Old Testament book?
3. Are there any questions that you want to make sure are covered?
4. What is one way in which Leviticus looks forward to Jesus?
5. How will Leviticus give you a richer understanding of the gospel?

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