Revolve Update 5.20.20


05.20.20 Video Update

Talking Points

First off, we want to apologize for our lack of communication outside of GroupMe, Zoom and Website. We are hoping to improve this with a weekly video and email.

Here is an update on the state of our gathering:

Still nothing clear from the State and it is a state and not a county decision

We have heard rumors of 25% capacity by June 6, but those are just rumors and nothing seems to be confirmed

Even if that were true, there would be major restrictions, including no childcare, limited singing, potential of shorter services, perhaps no communion, etc

As you know, the Governor conceded drive-in services. Some local fellowships have chosen to go that route. We have chosen not to for a few reasons:

We do not own our own property so anything that we do would need to be done in consideration along with our landlord and the other tenants 

Since we are in a strip mall and adjacent to a residential area, wheeling a sound system out and blasting it loud enough for people to hear within their cars is problematic

Having a fellowship with so many young families is difficult when you consider sitting in your car w/ kids while trying to engage in worship together

So what are we doing?

For all of these reasons, we deem it best, right now, to continue utilizing ZOOM on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. 

That being said, we are actively engaged in praying and fasting over these things and are staying abreast of the situation daily

On Wednesday, Pastor Bill was in a zoom call with about a dozen plus pastors from across Lower Township and Cape May Island

Everyone is wrestling with the same problems and only a select few have chosen to move forward with Drive-In Gatherings

Mostly dependent upon location and demographics of their congregation

In the meantime, we encourage you to invite a family over on Sunday to zoom together within restrictions of 10 people

We’ve written a letter to the Freeholders and local government requesting permission to gather outside in a public space

Beginning this week, we will be deviating from John and focusing on a new series “Quarantine Thoughts”, wrestling with the idea of how God’s people should be responding during these days. 

Be encouraged!

A quick look at GroupMe will show you all the amazing things that God is doing during this time. I believe we will see baptisms shortly after our return or during this time - depending on how long things last

People are leading friends and family members to the hope of the gospel and many are growing deeper. 

Revolve has, by the grace of God and your generosity, thrived financially and even given over $10,000 towards church planting, the persecuted church, and rescuing child soldiers

Beyond that, despite the fact that we feel so restricted and imprisoned, the Word of God is not bound!

All over the world the gospel is spreading like wildfire - especially in the hardest hit places on earth

I cannot divulge information over the internet, but be encouraged - God is MOVING 

Finally, be warned

The enemy’s tactics are predictable. He seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. 

He wants to steal your joy, kill the progress of gospel, and destroy the unity of the body that Christ established at his resurrection.

We are hearing similar stories and reports from around the globe - even as recently as today - that from the USA to the Middle East to Greece, false shepherds are spreading false teachings and the enemy is seeking to destroy the church!

Be on guard - weigh everything against Scripture, and not just isolated verses or proof texts. Prayerfully test everything you hear. Feast your eyes, heart, and mind what is above, pure, peaceable, trustworthy, and gospel-centered