Leviticus 23:4-8 Passover (Easter)

April 17, 2022 Speaker: Pastor Bill Series: Leviticus

Passage: Leviticus 23:4–8

Go Deeper:

How about you? Have you trusted in Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection for your salvation?

    1. By faith have you been brought out of spiritual Egypt or are you still enslaved to the power of sin and its ultimate consequence - death?
    2. God has already done the work to redeem you and save you. Have you placed your trust in him?
    3. Jesus has already taken your judgment upon himself as your sacrificial passover lamb. Have you received his forgiveness?
    4. God did all of this so he could have a relationship with us. Are you free now to pursue him with joy?
    5. He stands at the door and knocks - will you receive him or reject him?


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