Leviticus 13 & 14

February 20, 2022 Speaker: Pastor Bill Series: Leviticus

Passage: Leviticus 13:1–59, Leviticus 14:1–57

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  • Do you have any questions about these chapters? Email pastorbill@revolvechurchnj.com so we can bring them up in our Revolve Recap podcast.
  • Ask God to reveal to you any hidden sins. These could be ways of thinking, talking, believing, or acting. Is there anything sinful in your life that God has been trying to reveal but you’ve been resistant?
  • Ask the Lord to forgive you for this and to help you change. We repent of these sinful patterns in our lives, receive the grace and forgiveness of Jesus, and, by his power, walk forward in the newness of life.
  • Find a close friend and confess this struggle to him or her. Ask them to reach out to you throughout the week and check in. These times are for encouragement and support, not for being beat up.

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