To Destroy the Work of the Devil

December 13, 2020 Speaker: Pastor Bill Series: Advent 2020: The Messiah Comes


    1. What struck you the most about this morning’s time in the Word?
    2. How does Jesus as the work-of-the-devil destroying savior bring you to a deeper sense of awe?
    3. Which TRUTH of salvation did you need to most be reminded of this morning and why?
      1. Justification: Jesus came to destroy sin’s penalty in your life. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.
      2. Sanctification: Jesus came to destroy sin’s power in your life. Jesus has set you free from the power of sin and death. 
      3. Glorification: Jesus will ultimately and finally destroy sin’s presence in our lives and in all creation. Jesus is making all things new.
    4. How can you remind yourself, your family, and your friends about the sin and death destroying power of Christ this Christmas season?

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