How do I Grow in Wisdom?

October 4, 2020 Speaker: Pastor Bill Series: Proverbs

Passage: Proverbs 2

Questions for discussion:

How do I grow in wisdom? How do I grow in Christ?

  1. HEAR the Word.

    1. Hard to hear it if you won’t read it or listen to it.

    2. Ask good questions. Begin with the basics:

      1. What does this say? What does it mean?

      2. What does this teach about God?

      3. What does this teach about mankind?

      4. How would this change the way that I live?

    3. Add more questions as you become more proficient:

      1. What does that word mean? 

      2. How does this word relate to that word?

      3. Why did the author put that word here? 

  2. LOVE the Word (which leads to joy-filled obedience)

    1. Apply your heart to the Word. E.G. Choose to slow down and learn to love it

    2. What does it look like to obey it? What does God want you to do?

  3. SHARE the Word

    1. It is ready on your lips… to be shared, taught, proclaimed

    2. To who? Those who are inclining their ear to hear the words of the wise

  4. Result? GROWTH in the Lord

What is your plan to begin putting this into practice this week?

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