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Understanding the Local Church

July 5, 2020 Speaker: Pastor Bill Series: Understanding Church

Passage: Acts 13:1–3

In a day and age where “nobody gets to tell me what is right and wrong” there is much confusion and even division about the local church. Although nowhere near an exhaustive explanation of the local church, Pastor Bill provides some core plumblines that should shape the way we understand and treasure the local church.


Five Observations:

  1. it is crucial the church knows how to function because the local body of believers are the ones entrusted to PROTECT the gospel and PROMOTE the gospel IN THEIR COMMUNITY
  2. A local church is a group of local believers who are committed to love God, love one another, and make disciples together.
  3. On the most basic level, a group of believers become a church when they self-identify as a church, covenanting together, as the Lord and leadership has led.
  4. Church planting is primarily evangelical, not built upon any convenience, and is a biblical and natural result of disciples making disciples.
  5. Although churches do not start off as healthy and mature, the Lord expects them to get there over time.


  • Of the things you heard today, what resonated with you, challenged you, clarified within you, or instructed you? What is YOUR big takeaway?
  • How would the Lord want you to PRAY in light of this message?
  • What would the Lord want you to DO in light of this teaching?
  • Who might benefit from hearing these truths? Who can you TELL?

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