May 26 & June 2 Sunday services will be held at 2 Mile Landing Restaurant in Wildwood Crest.
Service will start at 9am (one hour earlier than the usual 10am)

12. Storing Up Wrath

March 25, 2018 Speaker: Pastor Bill Series: 1 & 2 Kings

Topic: the Bible Passage: 2 Kings 9:1– 10:36, Romans 3:21–26

Way back at the end of 1 Kings, God promised Elijah that evil King Ahab and his whole family had it coming. We finally see that promise unfold. In something out of an action movie, Jehu goes on a rampage, purging Ahab's family from Israel. Here we see a snapshot of the wrath of God and it is a terrifying thing to behold! Who can stand before such a force? What hope do we have?

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May 27, 2018

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May 13, 2018

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