2. What makes a person godly?

January 14, 2018 Speaker: Pastor Bill Series: Two Nations Under God

Topic: the Bible Passage: 1 Kings 1–2

Mighty David is on his deathbed. How will he finish his life and his reign? Not well, apparently. Old, decrepit, powerless, unaware of what is happening in his own kingdom, taken advantage of and manipulated, bitter yet cowardly, David passes away. As he dies, we must wonder what this means for the future of the kingdom of Israel. This was David, the greatest king, the mightiest of men, the author of at least 73 Psalms, the defeater of Goliath. God said that he was a man after his own heart (1 Sam 13:14). But his final days don’t seem that admirable! We are left to wonder, what makes a person good? What makes a person godly? How do you line up with God's heart?

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