At Revolve, we love kids! Weʼve designed a fun and interactive program just for them. With music, crafts, and storytelling, kids learn about Godʼs love every week with age-appropriate lessons for kids from birth to 4th Grade. We want kids to see how Godʼs word fits into their lives, to learn how to talk to Him, and to build friendships that will last.

Our properly screened and well trained volunteers create environments that both kids and parents love by upholding revolveKIDS core values. RevolveKIDS is:


We keep track of exactly who is in our care with our computerized check-in system. Each child receives a nametag with a corresponding sticker for the parent to present at check-out. The children's building is locked fifteen minutes after the service begins.


Our cleverly decorated, beach-themed classrooms and dynamic teachers are sure to keep your child engaged as they learn about the greatest love story ever told.


Why is safety and fun so important? Because we want your kids to have no distractions as they learn the rock solid truth that Jesus loves them and wants to be in a relationship with them!

Using a fantastic curriculum by Life.Church, we strive to give your children a Gospel-centered education with the Bible App for Kids Curriculum for preschoolers and Konnect for younger elementary students.


You can download the Bible App for Kids and follow along right here.



We believe that worship is an important part of growing as a child of God! If your children come home singing worship songs, it's because we have worship time for your children ages 4 through 4th grade, before breaking into classes for their lessons.

Some of the songs we sing are available to you here, with different playlists that cover the wide range of songs we sing.  Enjoy!


youtube playlist

Individual videos- past and present songs

Amazon music playlist

Michelle has put together a great video just like we do for our Revolve Kids Sunday gatherings. Have fun dancing and worshipping with your kids!  

Revolve Kids worship session with Michelle



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