Update from the Czech Republic

Dear friends,
What a July. I realize that we bring this on ourselves, but Julys are usually super busy for us, as we have a week of English camp, Bible conference, and a Basketball camp one right after the other. It is exhausting but great. Let me briefly share about the three events

1. English camp: due to the size of our buildings, we had to put a cap on the applications at 60 campers… that is why we ended up with 65 (and about 20 who really wanted in, but there was no more room!). We had a wonderful US team – one part from Revolve Church in NJ and one part from the Beeson Divinity School. We had many opportunities to share the Gospel with our campers – both one on one as well as in a group setting. Many people came to church after the camp, and two campers have shown a lot of interest in the Gospel, and we have seen them in church again. Please, pray for Aleš (Alesh) and Iveta.


2. Basketball camp: the gym is bigger than the seminary building, so we could easily fit our group of about 100 there. We had about 60 campers, almost 30 on the US team and us. The US team from Christ Baptist Church and Providence Church had things running smoothly, and the kids really enjoyed themselves. This year, we had the most meaningful conversations about the Gospel with campers and with parents. One big praise is that one of our campers decided to follow Christ – his name is Fanda, please pray for him. Several others told us they want to start reading the Bible they were given and pray at home.


3. Bible conference: Let me just briefly say that we had a wonderful time at the conference – many pastors and elders were challenged to look at the Word of God with new eyes. We went through the book of Revelation, so I am sure you can imagine that there was a lot to talk about during the seminars and during the free time as well :)

Prayer requests and praises:

Our major prayer request is for all the people who were exposed to the Gospel this summer. Would you pray with us that all those who are seriously considering what they believe about Jesus Christ would be drawn by the Holy Spirit to the Father? We pray that many would start coming to church, and that they would be willing to meet with us one on one in order to hear more about Christ and make a decision for him

I know that many of you have been praying for Misha. She is doing better, and was able to participate in some capacity during all these events. She is not 100% yet, but better. Please, continue to pray for her.

Finally, Lord willing, we are taking our family to the US this fall. We should be spending a week in NJ and about three weeks in the NC area. We hope to see at least some of you!

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Vlada and Eliska Donat
BTS and NKS Czech Republic


PS: if you are not connected with us via facebook yet, you can do so and that way you will have the most current information. The two Czech and English pages are NKS Pelhrimov and Biblicky teologicky seminar