5/28 & 6/4 Services will be held at 2 Mile Landing Restaurant on the Sunset Deck. 

Service time 9am!

The Gospel and Injustice

The Christian position is not always to pick a side, but to stand in the middle, proclaiming that the way out of wickedness is the straight path of salvation found in the Man of Righteousness, Jesus Christ. This position is more volatile than any other, embracing affliction, as it runs the risk of being torn apart by all sides.

We preach the gospel of reconciliation to the oppressed and to the oppressor, binding up the broken, speaking on behalf of those without a voice, while offering forgiveness to the wicked who has wronged the weak and exploited their position.

We plead with the Lord to bring about justice, and then thank him that justice has been poured out on the cross, where the Innocent One was murdered by wicked men to make a political point.

We rejoice that what wicked oppressors meant for evil on the cross God intended for the good of all who would receive Jesus by faith.

We celebrate that through his death and resurrection, he ushers in a new humanity, a new people defined by reconciliation and righteousness. This righteousness is not a righteousness earned by doing right or following rules, but imputed - or given - by the King of Righteousness, bestowed like a title, a position, a gift, and an identity.

This is the hope of the gospel in the midst of times of injustice. Let us cling to it. Let us live it. Let us proclaim it.

- Pastor Bill