5/28 & 6/4 Services will be held at 2 Mile Landing Restaurant on the Sunset Deck. 

Service time 9am!

Revolve Church is at a Crossroads

Revolve Church is at a crossroads (you should meet us there so we won't get lonely). As we are thinking through a myriad of different decisions, I would ask you guys to pray for us, share about us, and even offer suggestions that are relevant. So, what's going on?

1) We pay a ton of money to rent where we are and it isn't an ideal location. Best case scenario, we really need to buy, rent, or build a space that is at least 8,000 contiguous sq ft. Right now, we pay almost $8,000 a month for 4,500 sq ft. This is simply too much much money for what a non-profit can afford. With all the buildings and churches alike dwindling and going the way of the dodo, it stings me that we can't find a solution. Have a suggestion that keeps us in Lower Township or very close to it? Let me know. Keep in mind that we need parking, so realistically speaking you are talking about 3.5 acres plus if you build or something that can accommodate another solution.

2) We need a staff member who can compliment me in my weaknesses. We have drafted what we think that person might do (www.revolvechurchnj.com/jobs), but the truth is that I am more interested in the right person even if the job description has some wiggle room. We are also keenly aware that our philosophy of ministry and emphasis on decentralized ministry isn't the norm so we want to make sure that the person who is placed in this position is philosophically aware, so to speak. Do you know someone? Pass this on!

3) We have a lot of strong leaders, but we need more. I realize that I could be spending more time developing more people (if I had it), but this is a call for help. We need more discipleship group leaders, serve staff leaders, go-getters, and entrepreneurs. If you feel like you are that kind of personality and have either been waiting for an invite (this is it) or feeling like Revolve isn't the kind of place where you can thrive, I want to know. We are doing "fine" but I don't want to just do fine, I want to thrive. Think you can help? Email me.

4) All this stuff costs money. Yes, we are stable. We even have a savings that is finally in existence. That said, buildings, planting churches, dreams - all of this costs bucks. I don't know when we will pull the trigger on any of this, but the day will come when money will be a need. Some of you are revolve fans, but you don't come to our church. Have you benefited from our teaching? Would you consider a gift? Every little bit helps. My dream would be that if we take a step towards another building within the next year we do so free from financial burdens and excessive debt. Wouldn't that be amazing? If you want to help in this way, here's a link: https://revolvechurchnj.churchcenteronline.com/giving/to/dream-fund

Thanks for reading, sharing, dreaming with us. Here's to the next 5 years!