Prayer Requests for Refugee Highway Partnership Roundtable Trip

Monday, February 6th starts the Refugee Highway Partnership Roundtable in Budapest. Over 160 grassroots workers, mission leaders, pastors, trauma care specialists, and digital media workers from all over Europe are gathering there. The gathering will include people from over 28 countries and 60 organizations—the goal is to encourage, equip, and connect those who are working on the front lines of refugee ministry across Europe.

Items for Prayer:

  • Pray for the key note speaker, Patrick Johnstone, as he leads the plenary sessions. (Patrick is the author of Operation World and his new book: Serving God in a Refugee Crisis)
  • Pray for the 25 workshop leaders who will be addressing many of the complex issues and questions that those working among migrant peoples encounter.
  • Pray for the Leaders who are coming to challenge us. Among those attending are several Arab evangelical pastors who minister in Europe; they will be addressing working in partnership with the many displaced peoples in Europe. There are also women ministry leaders who are fearlessly engaging the very real problem of human trafficking and exploitation created by the desperation of forced displacement, and country leaders from Turkey representing 70 charities working to meet the needs of those on the front lines of crisis.
  • Pray especially on Wednesday, February 8th—70 of the participants will participate in a relief project partnering with Hungarian Baptist Aid and Eastern Europe Mission. We will be going to camps with over 1800 people stranded in the freezing conditions that have swept Eastern Europe.
  • Pray for the City Prayer Walk for the 100 who stay behind in Budapest on Wednesday and will be going out in groups of 10-12 to pray for Hungary, the churches in Eastern Europe and the displaced peoples in our midst.
  • Finally, please pray for all the details of this week. Pray that the conference will be full of fruitful connections for the kingdom, problem solving and encouragement for everyone desiring to address this historic movement of peoples.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for this important event. We are looking forward to updating you soon with all the Lord does through this conference!