Family Discovery Study for the New Year

12.23.18 and 12.30.18 (No services on 12.30.18)

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This week journal and do a discovery study on the following passages:


John 1:1-18                                      Romans 8:31-39                         

2 Corinthians 5:11-15                    Romans 8:18-30         

2 Corinthians 5:16-21                   Lamentations 3:22-33

Ephesians 1:3-14                          Psalm 77:1-20

Ephesians 2:1-10                          1 Peter 1:1-9

Romans 5:6-11


Take some time to journal on the following questions:

  • Where are you in your spiritual journey with God? Consider looking at this chart if it helps:
  • How have you grown during the last year in your faith? What struggles have you faced?
  • What are the two or three big things that God taught you about himself? About yourself?
  • How are you taking action, by faith in obedience, in light of what you have learned?
  • Do you have spiritual concerns and hang-ups going into 2019? Spend some time listing them in your journal and offering them to God in prayer.


New Years Eve Group or Family Activity:

  • Take some time to make a craft with your kids that celebrates the highlights of 2018 and even reflect on the times that were difficult. 
                     Some ideas for little ones could be writing down their answers on cut  out snowflakes, Christmas trees, or handprints. Try to make it engaging for them!
  • Go around the room with your family thanking God, one at a time, for the things that your family wrote down.
  • Spend some time praying over the difficult times. Thank God for his grace in the midst of it, making an effort to identify how God’s goodness shone through during dark times.
  • In Psalm 77, the Psalmist is discouraged, but then reminds himself that he needs to remember the goodness of God and his faithfulness. If your children are old enough, consider reading through the Psalm, summarizing it simply, and asking a few questions:                  
                      What can we learn about God from this Psalm even when times are difficult?
                      What can we learn about God from this Psalm when times are good?
     What can we learn about ourselves and the reality of both good and hard  times?
                      How do the truths of this Psalm help shape our responses as we reflect on the old (2018) and prepare for the unknown (2019)?
  • Talk about practical ways that you can celebrate the good in 2019 and encourage each other during difficult times. 
                      Game plan with practical things every member of your family can do.
  • Spend a few moments thanking God for his goodness, his faithfulness, and his power as observed in Psalm 77.