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2014 Year End Giving

Dear Friend of Revolve,

Although we do not talk about money often at Revolve, the reality is that it takes money to run a church. Our rent and utilities alone cost about $7,000 per month. The church has grown by over 50% in the last year, but our offerings have, more or less, stayed the same, hovering between $12,000 and $15,000 received each month. Sadly, this means that there are months when we operate in a deficit, something we strongly fight to avoid through healthy stewardship and budgeting. In January, we will lose an additional $500 per month of external support that we will have to make up for. I share this not to guilt anyone, but to try and communicate the need that we have as a church - something I have not done well in the past.

Despite all this, it’s been an amazing year of God working in, around, and through His Church, and specifically at Revolve. Twenty baptisms, expanding into a new space for our worship center, nine Discipleship Groups launched, marriages restored, over $20,000 given towards church planting and developmental work, and, most importantly, more people saved from the clutches of sin and death through the transforming power of the Gospel.

God alone can receive the glory for these things, but it would not have happened without all of those who have contributed their time, money, and good portions of their lives to the mission of the church. I cannot thank you enough!

My financial dream for 2015 is to incorporate into our budget more money to give towards local and international developmental needs, to continue to be generous with our church planting partners around the world, and to, Lord willing, begin to develop a savings buffer for when we inevitably outgrow our current space.

This is the time of year where many are thinking and praying about making contributions to charities and causes that matter. If that’s you, then you want to know that what you give is valuable and that it will go toward work that actually makes a difference. As you make your considerations, this much is clear: God uses the investment of His people here to change lives and advance His work in Cape May County and all around the world. You can help continue that work through your end-of-year gift as well as through recurring offerings.

There are a number of ways to do that here at Revolve:

This Christmas season, please consider how you can give to this work and partner in the mission of Jesus here at Revolve.

Pressing Onward,

Pastor Bill