First time attending Revolve? Here's what you can expect:

What time and where do you meet?

We gather on Sundays at 10 AM at Lower Cape May Regional High School's Theater located at 687 Route 9, Cape May, NJ 08204.

What should I wear if I visit your church?

We want you to come just as you are. Whether you’ve never been to church before or you’re a Sunday regular, you are welcome! We are casual about dress, so come as you feel comfortable - there is no dress code. We are here for you, no matter how you're dressed, and as long as you are wearing clothes, we are happy.

What do you do during your Sunday gathering?

After a warm welcome, we start off with some singing and prayer to express our thanks. You will also hear a sermon from the Bible. Lastly, we close with a prayer and a final song.

Will there be instruction for children?

Yes, we currently offer childcare for ages up to and including 3 that starts before service at 9:45.  Our RevolveKIDS program is for ages 4 through 6 grade and is dismissed after the worship portion of our service. 

When you arrive if you make your way to the Check In Station the serve staff will welcome you and your family and walk you through the basics of our program including how kids are dismissed to RevolveKIDS, where the classrooms and bathrooms are, and how to pick up your kids after service.  Someone is attending the station during service if you have any questions.