Taking the Next Step

Since the early days of church planting eight years ago, we have seen God miraculously provide. We believe that part of the reason that God has always blessed Revolve financially is because it has been our heartfelt desire to be a generous people and aggressively give towards church planting among the least reached places on the planet. Our dream, before we even gathered for our first meeting, was to be a church that one day gave 50% of its money away. We started at 10% and increased year by year. Last year we gave over 30% of our offerings towards benevolence and church planting around the world. 

One hurdle towards our giving has been our building. Yes, it has been a blessing, but it has been a costly one at that. We have had a great relationship with our landlord, but we know that our monthly expense is not scaleable for the longterm. Over the years, we have prayed for a solution to this, but nothing ever felt led by God's Spirit.

Recently, a property in Lower Township came onto the market, the Great American Trolley Company. It is on three paved acres, has offices that could function as our kids space, and a garage which could be renovated to be used as a worship center. 

We believe that this property may be an answer to our prayers. 

  1. It would provide enough space for us to gather together in one service. 
  2. It would give us a place to call home and foster community.
  3. If we pay for it mostly upfront, it would enable us to be generous as we desire!

That last piece is a key part of the puzzle. We are not looking to be 'house poor.' It is our hope and prayer that we would be able to sacrificially gather enough capital that we can pay for the property 100% outright (and maybe more). If this were the case, once our lease expires in May 2021, our monthly costs would plummet by thousands of dollars a month! Can you imagine if we were able to, by the grace of God and the generosity of his people, pay for the property and renovations outright, thereby being completely debt free?!

The elders prayerfully desire to make a cash offer for the property, believing that God will raise up the necessary funds to make this a reality in a short period of time. 

We are asking you make a pledge to what you would commit to giving over the next month above your regular offering. By providing a pledge, we will be in a better position to know what we can, realistically, offer the owner of the property. 

Ready to make a pledge?

We invite you to take some time to pray and ask the Lord how much he would challenge you to give. Remember, sacrificial generosity is an act of joy, not a guilt trip. Once you feel like the Lord has given you guidance, please let us know how much you have decided by filling out the following form. Don't worry, your pledge will be kept private between you and our bookkeeper. 

Thank you for your prayerful generosity!